Sheryl Crow – Try Not To Remember

This song is requested by Sinyo. I’m sorry if it took a long time for me to post this song. Special thanks to Welly for the song. This song is taken from the Home Of The Brace Soundtrack. Hope you enjoy it.

Try Not To Remember


A new (and unknown) song from Sugababes

Special thanks to João Miguel Libério who has sent me a very nice song. Thank you for your contribution. So, today, I want to share this song with all of you. Here is a review made by João Miguel Libério:

This song is an unknown song by Sugababes, made by William Orbit. As you know, he made very excellent contributions in the past, like the “Ray of Light” album of Madonna, the “Saints and Sinners” album of All Saints, etc.

This song it’s called “Spiral” and it features Sugababes and the male voice of Kenna. Taken from the brand new William Orbit’s album – “Hello Waveforms”.

Hope you like it!

All the best!

João Miguel Libério


Western Single 72-2007

Western Single 71-2007

Michael Buble – Everything
(Credits: Thanks to JonnyAli)

Do you remember Michael Bublé hit single “Home” which was popular in 2005? This year he is going to release his future released album entitled “Call Me Irresponsible” which will be released on May 1st, 2007. The first single from this album will be “Everything”.

Westlife – Butterfly Kisses

This is taken from “The Love Album Deluxe Edition/Repackaged”.

Bon Jovi – Make A Memory

“(You Want To) Make A Memory” is Bon Jovi’s current single release, from the upcoming album Lost Highway. It was released for radio airplay on March 20th, 2007. It is a ballad, and the band plans to perform the song at several events, including on American Idol, to promote the single and the album. Lost Highway is the title of the upcoming studio album by Bon Jovi. The album aims to influence the band’s rock sound with that of country music, previous examples of this are present in the band’s work in the form of Who Says You Can’t Go Home and Welcome To Wherever You Are.

Michael Learns To Rock – It’s Only Love

This is taken from Michael Learns To Rock:Live. It is a Live album with two new studio tracks initially released in South Africa only.

R.E.M – #9 Dream

“#9 Dream” is a song written and performed by John Lennon and featured as the seventh track on his 1974 album Walls and Bridges. In January 1975, it was released as the second single from that album backed by another album track, “What You Got”. It continues Lennon’s fascination with the number nine (he was born on October 9). On The Beatles’ White Album he and Yoko Ono contributed a track titled “Revolution 9”. The backing vocal is provided by May Pang, Lennon’s mistress at the time. This song will be R.E.M first single from the upcoming album Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur.

Groove Coverage – Summer Rain

Melanie C – The Moment You Believe

No Angels – Goodbye to Yesterday

Natasha Bedingfield – I Wanna Have Your Babies

Western Single 70-2007

Kylie Minogue – Excuse My French

The Jonas Brothers – Kids Of The Future
(Credits: Thanks to Jessica)

The Jonas Brothers are an American Christian rock/pop rock band from Wyckoff, New Jersey.
The Jonas Brothers began their careers in 2005 when they were signed to Columbia Records after a group audition. The group is composed of three brothers, Joseph, Kevin, and Nicholas Jonas, originally using the name “Sons of Jonas”. They released their first album, It’s About Time, on August 8, 2006.

Lee Ryan – Beautiful Spiritual
Credits: Thanks to Lem

Lee Ryan (born June 17, 1983 in Chatham, Kent) is a former member of the British boy band Blue and is now pursuing a solo career. “Beautiful Spiritual” is the fifth single by UK popstar Lee Ryan and is the first from his currently unnamed second studio album.

Sharon Kips – Heartbreak Away
Credits: Thanks to Kevipod

Sharon Kips is the winner of The X Factor Netherlands Season 1 (2006-2007).

Hugh Grant And Haley Bennettas Cora Corman – Way Back Into Love

Hugh John Mungo Grant (born September 9, 1960 in Hammersmith, London) is a Golden Globe winning British actor.
Haley Bennett (born 1989) is an American singer/songwriter and actress.
Way Back Into Love is taken from Music And Lyrics Soundtrack.

Christian Bautista – You


Christian Bautista – You

Have you ever heard of Christian Bautista? Christian Bautista is a Filipino singer, actor and a Bench model. He was a finalist of the Philippine reality show Star in a Million shown on ABS-CBN2. Christian’s international success began with “The Way You Look At Me,” getting frequent airplay in Indonesian radio stations. The song became an instant hit among the country’s young music lovers, even if they had yet to see the artist behind the ballad. Just A Love Song…Christian Bautista Live! is Christian Bautista’s third major album. The song “You” is included in this album.

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