The Fratellis – Costello Music

From their album, Costello Music, here are their hit singles:

1st single – Henrietta – 2006

“Henrietta” is the debut single by The Fratellis, released on June 12, 2006. It was their first UK top-40 hit, charting at number 19, on the chart released on June 18, 2006. It charted even higher in Scotland, going in at number 6. The artwork for this single was by artist Sam Hadley along with the artwork for Chelsea Dagger, Costello Music, Whistle for the Choir, Baby Fratelli, and Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes EP.

2nd single – Chelsea Dagger – 2006

“Chelsea Dagger” is a song by The Fratellis and their second single. It was released on August 28, 2006. It is taken from their debut album Costello Music, which was released in the UK on September 11, 2006. It’s supposed to be named after Jon Fratelli’s wife Heather, a burlesque dancer whose stage name he borrowed for the song. The song also appears in the trailer for the movie Run, Fat Boy, Run.

3rd single – Whistle For The Choir – 2006

“Whistle for the Choir” is a song by The Fratellis, and their third single. It was released on November 27, 2006 and reached #9 in the UK singles chart. The song was originally titled ‘Knickers In A Handbag’ but was changed due to pressure from the label. The artwork points toward the old name by showing a girl (possibly Nina) on the cover handling a pair of knickers above a handbag. The artwork for this single was by artist Sam Hadley along with the artwork for Chelsea Dagger, Costello Music, Henrietta, Baby Fratelli, and Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes EP.

Flathead – 2007

Flathead is a digitally downloadable song by Scottish indie band The Fratellis from their debut album, Costello Music, released on the 4th March; there was an EP released with the same name in the United States after it had been used in a commercial for Apple iPod.
On March 11 2007, the song entered the Official UK Singles Chart at #67 on the strength of downloads alone, despite not being released as a single in the UK, after the song was used on an iPod/iTunes TV advert.

4th single – Baby Fratelli – 2007

“Baby Fratelli” is The Fratellis’ fourth single from their debut album Costello Music. It was released on March 12, 2007, in CD, 7-inch vinyl, and DVD single formats. The artwork for this single was by artist Sam Hadley along with the artwork for Chelsea Dagger, Costello Music, Whistle for the Choir, Henrietta, and Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes EP.

Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes EP

Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes is the next EP to be release by The Fratellis, while they record their next album. It will be released in June 2007 and will be a double-sided EP.



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Groove Coverage – Summer Rain

Melanie C – The Moment You Believe

Natasha Bedingfield – I Wanna Have Your Babies

Christian Bautista – You


Christian Bautista – You

Have you ever heard of Christian Bautista? Christian Bautista is a Filipino singer, actor and a Bench model. He was a finalist of the Philippine reality show Star in a Million shown on ABS-CBN2. Christian’s international success began with “The Way You Look At Me,” getting frequent airplay in Indonesian radio stations. The song became an instant hit among the country’s young music lovers, even if they had yet to see the artist behind the ballad. Just A Love Song…Christian Bautista Live! is Christian Bautista’s third major album. The song “You” is included in this album.

Beyonce Feat. Shakira – Beautiful Liar

Here are the clean and instrumental versions of Beyonce Feat Shakira’s song entitled “Beautiful Liar”.


Hilary Duff – With Love


Hilary Duff – With Love

Here are some remix of Hilary Duff’s song entitled “With Love”.

Houzecrushers Remix
Bimbo Jones Remix
Richard Vission Remix
Houzecrushers Dub
Houzecrushers Radio Edit
Bimbo Jones Radio Edit
Original Mix

Monkey Majik + m-flo – Picture Perfect

(February 7, 2007)

Monkey Majik is a rock band from Sendai, Japan. The band comprises brothers Maynard and Blaise Plant, who sing and play the guitar; drummer Takuya “tax” Kikuchi, and bassist DICK. Their first release was an EP called TIRED, a self-financed release limited to 1,000 copies which was available at Tower Records in Sendai. Their first single was “fly” in 2006. It was a commercial success and was followed by their second single, “Around the World”, which peaked at number 4 in the Japanese Oricon top 200 singles chart.
The band is named after a song by Godiego called “Monkey Magic”. The Plant brothers hail from Canada, and they now reside in Sendai, Miyagi. Maynard Plant speaks Japanese fluently.
m-flo is a Japanese hip-hop group currently consisting of producer and DJ Taku Takahashi and emcee VERBAL.
As to the origins of the group’s name, VERBAL explains: “It was originally “meteorite flow,” but for the Japanese that’s pretty long, so (Avex) asked us to shorten it to m-flo, and it stuck. There’s no deep meaning to it. I guess we wanna have impact like a meteorite.”

Picture Perfect
Pretty People
Red Dress

These songs are really cool and all of them are in English.

Melanie C – I Want Candy


Melanie C – I Want Candy
(March 26, 2007, taken from the album “This Time”)

“I Want Candy” is Melanie C’s 11th UK single. Produced by Stephen Hague, it will be released on March 26th. Melanie was asked to record it as the title track for a new British comedy of the same name to be released in cinemas on March 23th.

Club Junkies Mix
So-Lo Electric Vocal
So-Lo Filtered Disco Club
DL 1

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